Contact Us for a complete list of what is available from these cows!   We have embryos available on the cows and families by Goldwyn, Goldsun, Golddust, McCutchen, Mascalese, Doorman and other sires. Inquiries on all are welcome.

Donor Pedigree
Crasdale Destry Stellar VG-87 Crasdale Destry Stellar EX-91 x EX x EX x EX x EX
CRF Lheros Rudolph Pete Joel EX-94 5E CRF_Lheros_Rudolph_Pete_Joel VG-86 x EX 3E 9* x GP x VG-85 2*
Haddington Hi Metro Danica EX-92 2E Haddington_HMR_Danica EX 3E 3* x VG
MS Planet Cheri VG-86  Ms Planet Cheri EX 92 2E x EX-94 3E GMD x EX-93 9* DOM BC Cami x EX-94 GMD DOM x VG-85 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD DOM plus 3 more VG dams
Pine Shelter Claire Wood VG-87 Pine Shelter Clairewood VG-86 DOM x EX-95 3E-USA DOM
Rockymountain Goldwyn Winnie VG-89    Rockymountain Goldwyn Winnie Raeland Leduc Wilhelmina EX-92 2E 8* x VG-87 2* x VG-85 x VG-85 2* x VG-86
Tolamika Goldwyn Mercedes EX-93 Tolamika_Goldwyn_Mercedes_2150311 _web500 VG-87 x VG-89 1* x EX-90 3E x EX plus 3 more VG dams
Wendon Dundee Divinia EX-94 2E Wendon Dundee Divina EX-94 4E 7*- VG 87 4*-EX 5E 15*-EX 4*-EX 11*
Wendon Gibson Prudence EX-90 5E 4* wendon_gibson_prudence 26060501web500 EX 2E 3* x-EX 2E 4* x VG 86 4* x VG 85 2* x VG
Wendon Goldwyn Diode VG-89 Wendon Goldwyn Diode VG x EX-94 4E 7* x VG 87 4* x EX 5E 15*x EX 4*x EX 11*
Wendon Jasper Devotion VG-89 Wendon Jasper Devotion VG, EX 94 3*-VG 87 3*-EX 5E 15*-EX 4*-EX 11*
Wendon Roy Gab EX-94 4E Wendon Roy Gab EX 3* Milan Gabrielle x EX 2E 2*, VG, EX
Wendon Roy Vanna EX-92 3E Wendon_Roy_Vanna EX 2* x VG-88 x EX 2* x VG-85 5* x VG-85 1*
Wendon Triumph Divine EX-94 4E 7*  Wendon_Triump_Divine_29040211_web500 VG 87 4* x EX 5E 15*x EX 4*x EX 11*