Rocky Mountain High Consignments

Six Great Consignments!

Pine Shelter Clairewood_213-062612 three quarter rearweb500
– Three Daughters of Pine Shelter Claire Wood VG89
-Lot 48…A January 2015 Kingpin +3135GLPI +3192DGV +17 Conformation
-Lot 49…An October 2014 Bombero +3033GLPI +3047DGV +13 Conformation
-Lot 50…An October 2014 Capital Gain +3030GLPI +3056DGV +15 Conformation
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Lots 48, 49 and 50 are consigned by Wendon, T&L Cattle and Zimmer

Rockymountain Goldwyn Winnie

– Selling as Lot 31-RockyMountain Goldwyn Winnie VG89 *RDC
– Sells with a Pair of Absolute Daughters, a RDC March Calf (Lot31A) and a Red September Calf (Lot 31B)
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Lots 31, 31A & 31B are consigned by Wendon, RockyMountain, Mosnang & Southrise