Great Classification in New Barn!

Wendon Dundee Divina

First Homebred EX-95 Point Cow- Wendon Dundee Divinia

Well who ever said that good cows can’t be in Freestalls or be milked by robots is wrong!! One of the best classification in a long time!

35 cows average 87.2 points
Current herd classification – 4 EX-94, 4 EX-93, 2 EX-92, 5 EX-91, 13 EX-90, 53 VG, 2 GP

2 Year Olds, 12 classified
Wendon bradnick prize VG-88 2nd calf
Wendon Goldwyn aloha VG-87
Wendon Sid rayette VG-87
Wendon Lombardi saves VG-86
Wendon fever pixie VG-86
Bernalta Sid skittle VG-86
PDF Atwood mariska VG-86
Wedgwood goldchip Davida VG-85
Wendon Atwood dawn VG-85
Wendon Atwood devout VG-85
Wendon Goldwyn savvy VG-85
Wendon Damion waffle VG-85
Benbie Goldwyn mauve GP-84
2nd calves
Crasdale destry Stroker VG-88
Wendon Goldwyn Debora VG-88
Wendon Dundee Kerry VG-88
Wendon fever divert VG-88
Brilea Goldwyn coin VG-88
Wendon goldchip Diane VG-87
Wendon goldchip Alice VG-87
Sid gabby VG-87
Wendon aftershock raylene VG-87
Wendon redliner deli VG-87
Wendon aftershock picky VG-87
Beinert Atwood Chelsea VG-87
West liberty redliner Rowan VG-85
Gardon destry dusty VG-86
3rd calves
Wendon Goldwyn diode EX-93
Wendon jasper devotion EX-92
Wendon damion Devine EX-91
Wendon Goldwyn previous EX-90
Wendon aftershock plum EX-90
Beinert Goldwyn hope EX-90
4th calves
Wendon talent ran EX 2E
Wendon shottle Ruby VG-88